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Nina Part 3

By NinaFan Nov 20, 2014 725 Words
Question 3: How will marketing to Gen Z be different to marketing to previous generations?

By the segmentation variable of age, Gen Z is known as the digital generation as they have grown up surrounded by technology. Most of them do not worry about the unemployment and high inflation; also they do not view brand loyalty as significantly important. In addition, the generation of this young age is supposed be accustomed to the internet, video games, mobile phones, wireless network and social media. The market should come up with some specific methods towards this target group different from the previous generations, like focusing on the Internet positioning and so on.

Social media promotion is a important way. As teenagers regard peer acceptance as important. Music, fashion, cosmetics or video games are crucial mediums for fitting in a group (Kaylene C 2011). Also, communication products such as Facebook, instagram, and twitter are the pathways for sharing and linking up. Kids are keen on following other kids information and sharing their own things. Furthermore, a large amount of firms have their own official Facebook, instagram page, and regularly pose their product information or advertising video on Youtube page for people to check and share. Some restaurants and snack bars have privilege for consumers if they share the promotion link to their Facebook page, or they can download coupons from the official apps.

Besides Internet promotion, television still remains the primary pathway that makes teenagers have access to notice commodities advertising, causing that some teenagers at 72% 6-8 year-old age to 56% 9-11 year-old have require to their parents for buying the stuff from the television advertising (Kaylene C 2011). Thus it can be seen that the market of television advertising still has room to grow towards firms’ positioning.

Moreover, celebrity charm is another essential way to help with channel promotion. For example, the girls in Gen Z are interested in celebrities such as Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, and High School Musical franchises in the late 2000s, so Disney Channel capitalized on that celebrity charm to draw the attention of girls (Kaylene C 2011).

At the same time, celebrity endorsement is one of the pathways to sell products taking advantage of celebrity fame. There are two ways. One is direct endorsement , which is an advertising campaign or a brand form that use a famous person to assist to promote their product or service. The other one is indirect endorsement. This way is represented by entertainment reporter or fans who follow the celebrities personal dressing looks in their normal life and find out the products, then post it for people who want to get knowledge about. Therefore, numerous companies would like to give the free products to celebrities for an additional promotion.

Fighting with obese is another good promotion point to make attention of teenagers. Because of the majority of time taking up by technology, Generation Z is less-moving, less physical activities and spending more time with computer compared to other generations ( Biber D2013). Gen Z also is recognized that in the few future days there will be a large number obese teenager. Market can promote products with slogan focusing on the importance of diet and less calories, which is different to the previous generation who are more conscious of whether the food healthy or not. Boost is a fresh fruit juice bar in Australia that features gym protein supplements and 99% fat free drinks. Moreover, gyms and healthy insurance institutions will become more essential for these obese teenagers. Also, according to Biber D (2013), incompetence, fear of injury and so on are the questions that the present generation ask when facing physical activity. A generational standpoint shows that Gen Z’s are the most competent generation in area of technology and learning, but they also stuck on and fear sports and other physical activities (Biber D 2013). Hence, the market needs to figure out some ideas about advantages of exercise to draw teenagers and their parents attention, letting them know how essential physical activities are and to establish their physical exercise program.

Reference list

Biber, D. , Czech, D. , Harris, B. and Melton, B. (2013) Attraction to physical activity of generation Z: A mixed methodological approach. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 3, 310-319. doi: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.33042ᄃ.

Kaylene C. Williams , Robert A. Page. (2011) Marketing to the Generations. Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business. <>

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