Topics: Wind, Thunder, Lightning Pages: 3 (1367 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Our story starts in the setting of a riverbank somewhat north of what is now Mille Lacs Lake. We come upon an elderly woman in her early fifties pulling in a net from a small river not much bigger than a creek. While pulling in her net she finds that it has something that is not a fish nor river waste, but it is a small child on a raft. She pulls the child from the raft and water and holds him close while he cries. While holding him she looks around to see if there are any people and sees none. After much consideration she decides to bring the child home with her. Now for years she has prayed for a small boy to call her own so she believes the gods have answered her prayers. When she reaches home she finds the baby to be fussing quiet a bit. So she unwraps and finds a scar running all the way from his shoulder to his hand, this scar looks much like lightning but the way he cries is like the sound of thunder so she names the young boy Animikee Obekwan. Which in her native tongue means Thunder Shoulder. Now upon hearing his name for the first time the young baby boy stops crying and stares at the elderly woman, when she looked into his eyes she saw the flash of lightning and heard the roar of thunder. When the boy came to the age of seventeen and the woman was now in her late sixties she told him where he was from and how she had found him. He tried to find more about where he was from or who he was but she could tell him no more than his name and how he had come to be in her care. When the boy had heard all his mother had to say to him he talked with her and they came to the decision that on his 18th birthday he would set out to find where he had come from. On his 18th birthday he set out on his journey with the knowledge that his mom had told him. Which was to stay alert when in Papashkwag because that is where the Iskodaywatomi live and dwell at. When Animikee had been traveling all day and night he finally felt weary and tired so he found a nearby stream to...
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