Nilgiri's: Organization Structure

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Nilgiri 's
Since f90S

Organization structure
Managing Director

Direct Marketing

Personnel assistant (Wags and, salaries)
No. Labour)

Marketing manager
Sales supervisors
Van sales men -

Since 1905
Nilgiri 's
3.8 Levels of the organization

While the purpose of the organization^ to make human •effort effective two reason for levels of organization is the limitations of span of control. Organization level exists because there is a limit to the number of persons one can manage effectively even though the limit varies depending on situation. *

In every organization it must be decided as to how many sub ordinates can a supervisor manage? It is found that this number is usually four to eight subordinates at the upper levels of the organization. . The ideal number of subordinates for all supervisor authorities is likely to be four at the lower level of the organization, Where what is delegated is responsibility for the supervision of these the number may jbe twelve. Organizational levels are of 3 .ways. They are the top level and lower level management. A the lower level management group is made up of foreman and white collar supervisors, men and women who are only one step above the rank and file. Next comes middle management, a vast and diverse group that includes sales managers, plant managers, personnel managers and many other departmental heads. Finally there is the top management consisting of the managing director and* the board of 25

Nilgiri 's
Since 1905
directors .who co-ordinate all specialties and make possibilities for the company as a whole. 3.9 Management problems;
1) The following year the power cuts have created in consistency in quality and quantity of bakery products. The use of generator has increased the cost of production on ton rise bakery produce. 2) Non availability of trained craftsmen. Many of the bakers are not trained technically and with lower grade of education. •3) The absenteeism in work force has created havoc in the production *

unit. Late arrivals and early goings put' the production line in difficulty. 4) Competition in the trained craftsmen has led to bakers changing from one concern to another very frequently. 5) The discounts allowed by other concern to various retailers have made a cut through competition in the bakery trade.


Since 1905

1)Breads /different varieties and sizes
2)Buns/different varieties and sizes
3)Cakes/different varieties
4)Biscuits/different varieties
5)Parties / different varieties
6) Chikkies
7) Toffee's
1) Retail .2) Dealer
3) Wholesaler
4) Direct suppliers.
3.11 Competitors
« Nilgiri's mechanized bakery is one of the largest bakery products manufacture catering to various states and serving lakhs of people. Today ,the Nilgiri's mechanized bakery is one of the best bakeries in India also i


Nilgiri 's
Since 1905
and the world. But it has some competitors. The main competitors in the local bread making company like as (local bakery). Modern bread is also the competitor of Nilgiri's mechanized bread, because* now they are making so many items in bakery products. Now a days Britannia bread is one more major competitor of Nilgiri's .mechanized bread . Britannia dairy products have now introduced two or three varieties of bread. So the customer is attracted to the new products. List of the competitors

' a) Modern bread

b) Local bread (local bakery)
c) Britannia bread.


Table -1 (Retailers)
Classification of retailers on the basis of purchase of Nilgiri's bread Price| No. of respondents| Percentage|
Yes| 45| 75%|
No| 15| 25%|

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