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Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, South Korea Pages: 9 (3525 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Thought Provoking Question:
1. What are the effects of Korea Wave?
2. Plastic surgery: beauty or beast?
3. Is love at first sight real?
4. Is cohabitation good choice for people testing their marital life before really getting married? 5. Is last minute work a good choice?
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1. What are the effects of Korean Wave?

The Korean Wave, also known as the Hallyu (Hangul: 한류; Hanja: 韓流; RR: Hallyu), refers to spread of South Korean culture around the world. The term was coined in China in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists surprised by the fast growing popularity of Korean entertainment and culture in China. The Korean wave is responsible for achieving over one billion dollars in revenue annually for South Korea through cultural exports. The Korean Wave became so popular has various reasons. It depends on the age, interests and values of the spectators. Common is the fact that “Beauty attracts”. In Korean drama, film and even Korean singers have to be good-looking to be popular. It is a common know phenomenon that Asian women, young and old, fall in love with their favorite celebrity. It is even so that they collect all their savings and travel all the way to Korea to see the place where their favorite actor played their favorite scene in their favorite drama, or even travel far abroad to see him in live on another live show. Thus this success can be attributed to good looking actors and actresses’ who embody a number of traits that are very familiar to regular drama viewers and popular fantasies among women. Sensitivity and depth among male characters in Korean drama attracts much of the female drama viewers. When the Korean government started aiding the Korean media industries in exporting Korean pop culture, they did this with the view on improving the national image and increasing the Korean economy. In both cases it did work out fine. Mainly, Korean pop idols are the key element to attract international attention to other commercial sectors in Korea. So, for example, it had a tremendous influence on the Korean tourism sector. Thanks to the success of various dramas such as “Winter Sonata”, many foreign (mainly Asian) visitors come to Korea to visit the locations where the dramas where filmed. Even, travel agencies see big business in this and sell TV drama-themed group tours to Korea with titles like “Best of Korean drama trailer deluxe tour”. Furthermore, the faces of popular actors are used in publicity campaigns for certain companies. As a result, the fans start buying products from this company. But, not only for the profit of the companies, they are using their popular faces, also for their own profit they are doing the same thing. Actor Kwon Sang Woo for example charged $200 for some seats at a fan meeting in Tokyo. Some tickets were even going for as much as $500 on online auction sites. Like a coin has its two own faces, Korean Wave does, too. It means that the disadvantages of Hallyu still exist along with the advantages. Firstly, Suicide in South Korea has gained attention as a national problem after the deaths of several well-known persons, including the former President Roh Moo-hyun, the millionaire Samsung heiress Lee Yoon-hyung, the Korean pop singers U;Nee, Chae Dong Ha, professional footballers Yoon Ki-Wonand Chung Jong-kwan, supermodel Daul Kim, and the actors Ahn Jae-hwan, Jung Da Bin, Lee Eun-ju, Jang Ja-yeon, Choi Jin-shil, Kim Ji-hoo, Park Hye Sang, and Park Yong-ha. There are many reasons that lead to this trend such as rumors, high pressure, sexual abuse, exploitation and so on. Some...
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