Nila Dhungana

Topics: Robert Zemeckis, Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks Pages: 3 (559 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Nila Dhungana
Thomas Jordan
Basic composition
Date: April,11 2015
The movie Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis is one of the most inspiring movie that everyone should watch and Forrest Gump character in this movie is so positive that inspired us to be like him. Forrest shows the way of solving the problem in a simplest ways, and how we would go about solving them if the Universe was on our side. Forrest has got so many nice qualities to separate him from other but he has got main 3 good character which is different from other human and they are. compassion , Honesty, integrity, It shows if rest of people has got these three main qualities as Gump had then life would be easier to live and happier to spend our life and let the problems go way in a easiest way. Even making it easier to find true happiness.

We cannot find honesty in every person but Forrest has god that special character in him. When he was in the army he has got one best friend named Bubba and he made a promise to enter the Shrimping business with Bubba. Despite the death of Bubba, Forrest still went on to support his best friend’s family, and he started a business of shrimp of his own. (Forrest Gump). If we were on his place then we would be so down and low by the death of our own best friend and we wouldn’t be able to find such strength to carry on their promises and start a new life again. But Due to his strong character he has been able to do so. Forrest was such a strong, caring and honest person, he carried out his promise in the toughest of times.

Most people dream to have integrity inside them, but Forrest has such unique personality. For example, running is a trademark of Forrest, he always runs to get out of a difficult situation. Even if being chased by a car, an entire football team, Forrest used his integrity to pull himself out of tough circumstances....
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