Nikola Tesla

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“ Master of Lighting vs Master of Marketing”
Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla engaged in an epic rap battle about their conflicting business-scientific relationship. Tesla is clearly the winner of the battle because he was not interested in gaining income from his experiments.. His concern was for mankind, unlike Edison, who only had interest in marketing and financial success. The greatest difference between them is Edison always had several people involved with his projects, while Tesla usually worked alone. Tesla might have had extremely high levels of personal productivity, but Edison had the advantage of having a team behind his works. For example, Edison was able to accumulate over five million pages of organized records while Tesla had relatively few and they were not as well organized as Edison's. Both had legendary work ethics, but only Edison had it instilled at an organizational level.

In the rap battle, Edison said, “I'll rip your style and it add it to my long list of patents”, which were approximately 2,322 patents in the United States and other foreign countries combined.(2) Most of the inventions were not completely original but improvements of earlier inventions. He then says, “You're a geek, plagued by OCD/You never had sex, but you sure got screwed by me”, which he was pointing out Tesla's mental disorder, his sex life and admits he took advantage of him.(5) According to research Tesla did have a mental disorder and never had companionship with anyone because he was always working on experiments in his laboratory. (Glen p.3)

Tesla then replied, “History is getting rewritten and I have reddit/ Your best invention was a way to steal credit”, which is relevant from the start of their business relationship.(15) When he came to the United States in 1884, he worked alongside with Edison. While working for him, he realized the issues with Edison's direct current electrical powerhouses and suggested to build generators that would send electrical energy along distribution lines in multiple waves, using the polyphase principle.(16)

Edison's lamps were weak and inefficient when used by direct current and could not be transported more than two miles due to the high levels of voltage levels needed for long distance transmission. Direct current flows continuously in one direction and alternating current changes direction fifty or sixty times per second. Which can rise up to various high voltage levels, minimizing power loss across great distances. So after years of working on the problem, Tesla fixed Edison's machines. When he asked for the money he was promised, he laughed at him and said, “Tesla you don't understand our American humor”. (Vujovic p.2) The battle continues with Edison saying, “ The truth hertz, you're broke and washed up/Don't give a smidgen 'bout your visions if you can't make a buck”, and Tesla had many inventions but he couldn't afford to keep up with the inventory. (17) In the rap battle Edison also said, “ I'm on the record, I invented,you got duped, there, I said it/I'll bet you fifty thousand dollars that you'll never forget it”.(21) Tesla ended up saving Edison well over a hundred thousand dollars and Edison refused to live up to his end of the bargain. Which resulted in Tesla leaving the company and starting his own path.

After his falling out with Edison, Tesla went to work on his alternating current electrical system. This resulted in a feud with Edison, who at the time was trying to sell the world direct current system. Edison's DC system required a power plant every square mile and couldn't transmit electricity very far. AC used thinner wires, had higher voltages, and could transmit electricity over longer distances.( Beals p.3.)

As a result many families living in the neighborhood near Edison's laboratory started to notice their pets were disappearing. This was because Edison had been paying young boys twenty-five cents a head for live dogs and cats. He then put...
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