Nikki Giovanni Biography

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Nikki Giovanni Biography

Nikki Giovanni is one of the best known mixed poets who has reached prominence in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Nikki has wrote many poems and books 1970-early 2004, most of what she writes is with passion,inspiration and with lots of feeling. Giovanni’s poetry express strong racial pride and respect for family, giovanni has written Creation, Love Poems, The Collected Poems Of Nikki Giovanni and The Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection. She was born in Knoxville,Tennessee in 1943, as a young child Giovanni she moved with her parents to Knoxville and enrolled early at Fisk University a prestigious all black college in Nashville. One of the poems that she wrote that I liked was the “Beep-Beep Poem”,in this poem Giovanni is
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In line 45-46 she says “I pass the moon and i holler to the stars” also “i'm coming through” She saying that she started to think back on what she has done so far,but then realises that she still got through it. In this poem,i guess she just loves to be in her car because in line 33 she says “ I love to drive my car” also “I love the way I feel” I get what she saying. She is saying that because she needs to get her thoughts out while she's alone but even tho she can be a bit sensitive,she still loves herself.

Last I would like to say about Nikki Giovanni’s poems and how she expresses herself in them is that,a poem that she writes has to have meaning altho ugly because of how bad it may turn out. Yet just so boring and she states this in the poem of lines 5-6 “beautiful,ugly,blandly” and if that's not what she is referring to than she could just be talking about herself. This poem could mean many things (The Beep-Beep Poem) like she could be in her car driving thinking out loud because she may be going through lots of stress… this all I could say about Nikki

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