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Nike’s core competencies exist in their effective marketing strategies and their innovative product design. These two elements provide much value and benefits to Nike’s consumers, are not easy for competitions to imitate, and can be leveraged widely to most of their products and markets. Although Nike does not manufacture any of its own shoes, the company is still today’s leader in selling athletic shoes and apparel. Nike's marketing strategy is an important component of the company's success. Nike is located as a premium-brand, selling well-designed and costly products. Nike lures clients with a marketing strategy centring on their brand image: a distinctive logo (the Swoosh ) and the advertising slogan "Just Do It". Nike promotes its products by support agreements with celebrity athletes, professional teams and college athletic teams, original advertisements, and expert athlete endorsements. The company’s innovative and creative product design are what truly set Nike apart from their competitors. Focusing one of its corporate values on technology and innovation, Nike has pioneered four shoe-cushioning systems that reduce shock, distribute pressure, protect from impact and offer comfort. These technological developments include: Nike Air, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Zoom, and Nike Shox. It is these innovations that improve performance and bring comfort to Nike consumers. Nike has also created an online website that is ideal for customization. The NIKE ID Web site provides a fun and easy way for users to customize and buy footwear and athletic gear. The site transforms the visitor into a designer, allowing them to apply their choice of designs, colours and materials to a broad range of shoes, bags, and equipment. Nike ID was the first of its kind when it was launched in 2000 Nike again, revolutionized the way the world looked at sneakers and how consumers buy them. By focusing on their core competencies, Nike has remained the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment with revenue in excess of $18.6 billion in 2008.

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 Nike, Inc. was created on a foundation of innovation starting with the waffle iron inspired sole. This allowed traction with less material, resulting in a lighter weight shoe.  
Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL), designed to encompass the innovative ideas from athletes, designers, engineers and scientists, this team was created to develop solutions based on biomechanics, physiology, perception and athletic performance. Strategic implications of successful innovation for Nike, Inc. will create resiliency when problems occur. The creation of innovative solutions can further strengthen internal teams and in turn, have developed as a core competency

The R &D department of Nike is playing a vital role because of its innovations in foot wear how the consumers can feel comfort by wearing their shoes and the quality that's the most important factor to be given in shoes and they have different categories of shoes which is running shoes nick shocks, Jordan, and other types that is targeting different type of consumers having different perceptions. But most important thing of Nike is they don't make shoes they design and then give their design to the production companies in Korea and china or Vietnam. Due to which they are more specialized in their innovation and in this way they have made their core competence in making innovative design of athlete shoes. But now a day's organizations as it is looking for people what they want and what they demand ,what are their needs so they have concentrated more on the people what type of style or design they want to buy due to which they come up with the customization of products which is in in which people can customize or design...
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