Nike vs Adidas

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1. Visit minimum 5 retailers of NIKE/ADIDAS and prepare a brief summary report of: a) Typical customer profile/demographic profile of the products of NIKE/ADIDAS shoes. b) Acceptance levels of the 2 brands in the consumers of your city. c) Consumer feedback for improvement, if any, of NIKE/ADIDAS.

Ans: The Finally report After visit of Six Outlets of Nike & Adidas:

Introduction: As we know that both the brands NIKE and ADIDAS are having a very good reputed brands in the market and both the brands have different market segments and different strategy. After Thorley going through the case study and also visiting to both Nike and Adidas outlets the market in my city Delhi has more consumers of ADIDAS shows as compared to the NIKE. Now I am going describe about the market study as per the consumer demographical depending on their Age, Education, Income, Gender, Occupation.

a. Description as per the Consumer Demographical Profile:

Age Group: The division of age group is like teenagers(18-25), youth(25-35), Men(35-50) and Senior citizens(50+). As per the age group the consumption of footwear is more in the working men and youth who are in the sports field. The graph shown below indicates the consumption of the shows in ADIDAS branded Outlets including the outlets in the shopping-malls.


Education Group: The educational group has divided into three groups these are Schooling, Graduates, Master Degree, and lastly the PhD students. The consumption of the footwear is more in the graduate students as compared to the other age group. The graph shown below is the consumption of the ADIDAS shows in the market by different groups.


Income Group: The Indian income group is divided into three income groups Lower, Middle, and Upper Class. Both the brands have their target segment of middle and upper class so the statics are as per consumption of these two groups. The graph prepared as per consumes of ADIDAS footwear.


Gender Wise: The distribution of group is simple as Male and Female. The consumption of footwear is more in males compared to female. the males are so interested in wearing spots shows while the females are more interest in wearing casual wear. The graph of the above statement is as shown below.


Occupation wise: There are so many occupation but as per survey the occupation divided into three broad categories Business, Service, students. In this category the most consumers comes from the business group. The graph shows the occupation wise demand


b. Acceptance levels of the two brands in the consumers of your city: In my city Delhi both brands have good market reputation and both have “n” number of customers in their target segment. The ADIDAS has slightly high share hold in comparison with the NIKE but both the brand has good market grip.


c. Consumer feedback for improvement, if any, of ADIDAS:

1. The consumer feedback is to improve the delivery system while booking the product online. 2. Negative image portrayed by poor working conditions in its overseas factories. E-commerce is limited to USA. 3. The range of product remains same for a long duration. 4. The numbers of outlets are less in the city.

5. The brand should provide an offer and sale margins.

CONCLUSION: After going through the retailed outlets of both brands came to conclusion that ADIDAS is having a large retail chain and more outlets. The ADIDAS has market share hold then compared to of NIKE, but now both the brands stared working on to overcome problems that are being faced now as well as future problem of entering into low segment and varying price in every short interval. Even the ADIDAS has good customer relation as it is good to capture the Indian market.

2. Prepare a presentation report (10 slides max) on the comparative study of NIKE &...
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