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Nike’s organisation structure/design
Diversity and inclusion mean different things in different countries and to different people. At Nike, Diversity and Inclusion is what drives creativity and innovation. It takes every one of our over 30,000 employees working at the top of their game for Nike to reach its highest potential. And we know that outstanding teams are composed of diverse people, backgrounds and skill sets. Nike’s ability to lead in innovation and creativity hinges on our ability to attract and retain the best global talent. Nike has appointed a Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion, Gina A. Warren, to lead efforts in support of Nike’s Diversity and Inclusion vision. Nike’s vision is for every team to be high-performing, diverse and inclusive. To achieve this vision, our strategy is to:

cultivate diversity and inclusion to develop world-class, high-performing teams ignite change and inspire critical conversations around diversity, inclusion and innovation create venues and environments for open dialogue, diverse opinions and a multitude of perspectives To develop a unified vision of what diversity and inclusion means to our company and to our employees, we asked them what they thought. Nike employees across the world articulated a consistent, four-pronged business case for diversity: Diversity drives recruitment of the most dynamic people. Diversity enriches the creativity and innovation that shapes the brand. Diversity grows competitive advantage.

Diversity heightens the stature and belief in the brand and within our culturally diverse consumer base. Nike’s Diversity and Inclusion Team
We’re an innovation company. We take risks. Our commitment to diversity is an integral part of who we are as a company, as well as how we contribute to the world around us. That’s why we have a Diversity and Inclusion team dedicated to ensuring every team at Nike is diverse, inclusive and performing their best. Our Diversity and Inclusion team focuses on three areas:

Engaging Employees
Providing Business Consultation
Developing Innovative Tools, Models and Designs
“Diversity and Inclusion is fundamental to Nike’s performance. It’s what makes us better. It’s what makes us smarter. It helps our business grow and helps us connect with consumers.” —Gina A. Warren, VP Global Diversity & Inclusion

The relationship between Nike’s organisation and its environment Global Women's Leadership Council
As part of our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, Nike also has a Global Women’s Leadership Council (GWLC). The GWLC promotes and supports the career advancement of women within the company; the Council is focused on advocacy, building connections, catalyzing action, and measuring results. The Council plays an important role for Nike, as we work to become the employer and brand of choice for talented women around the world. Mentoring programs, flextime policies, and consistent representation of women are a few examples of how the GWLC helps support current and emerging women leaders at all levels throughout the company. The Council ensures Nike continues to be a great place to work. Employee Networks

Nike Employee Networks are designed to help Nike move toward greater diversity. In the U.S., six employee networks focus attention on important communities within Nike. The intended role of each network is to foster professional development, enhance work performance, identify mentors, assist in recruiting diverse professionals, develop increased community interaction, and encourage improved teamwork and interaction within and across work groups. Native American Employee Network

Mission: To increase awareness and continue to educate Nike employees about the Native American culture. Through educational opportunities, seminars, speakers and community involvement, NAEN continues to increase...
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