Nike Micro and Macro

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1. What are your chosen company's marketing principles? Is this company trying to provide superior quality/value products, to have excellent services, to be innovative, to have a valuable brand name, or to understand competitors / consumers through market research capabilities... etc? How and where do you find this information*? You can find this from company's mission statement, advertising slogans, and other places (e.g., company's website, information for investors, leaflets).  *This is where SWOT and Porter's can come in (PEST is not very relevant for this assignment's topic). Do not to re-analyse the company. You can put your slides if they are relevant in appendix (it is not part of the final word count) 2.

This essay is about Nike’s principles of marketing and market evaluation. Nike’s principles of marketing are based on 4Ps, products, price, place and promotions. Nike’s mission statement is ‘’to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world’’. This is because Nike mostly sells good clothes, bags, trainers and equipment for athletes. However, its target audience of Nike is also men, women, teenage, college/university students. (see appendix 1). Nike is leading the market and is operating in160 countries. Nike Products:

Nike’s principles of marketing involve quality of the product. Nike is well known brand because of its new stylish outfit that comes out in the market every year. Nike is now also very famous of its slogan ‘just do it’ and it has this on most of its products. This is very significant for Nike to grab its customer’s attention by its logo or the slogan not just in the UK but also worldwide. Another reason of why Nike’s products are valued in the market is because it has good quality that worth the price that they sell it for as compared to their competitors i.e. Adidas, Puma or Lonsdale. People from different countries use Nike products especially for sportswear. Therefore, there are many social and sports clubs...
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