Nike Imc Campaign

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Executive Summary
Best known for their “Just do it” branding, Nike was founded in 1955 by an athlete named Phil Knight who ran track for Bill Bowerman. Originally starting as a footwear distributor for a company known today as “ASICS”, the founders of the company decided to take a different approach to their business. When they launched their Nike line, they realized that having an athlete endorse their shoes would be a great way to reach out to the world. With the assistance of an organization by the name of Wieden & Kenny, they developed the “Evolution” campaign that focused on their commitment to runners and starting what we now know them for, their innovation.
In the 1980’s Nike was again taking sports by leaps and bounds by introducing their Nike Air line of shoes endorsing Michael Jordan. This paved the road once again for a future line that would continue far after the athlete has left basketball, known as the “Jumpman” brand created by none other than Jordan himself.
By 2000, Nike has endorsed great athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant & Lebron James.
In 2006 Nike revolutionized the industry again by launching a campaign called Nike Plus. The program offered ways for consumers to combine sports with music. Teaming up once again with their original Advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, they plan on taking their technology to another level.
So what can Nike do to attract the youth market in a competitive industry? What sets them apart from their competitors that will allow them to continue to be the industry innovators? In order to answer the problem, it’s important to understand their positioning and branding. Its current competitors are Adidas, New Balance, and an upcoming company named Under Armour. Nike has already established itself as a household name; they are also partnered with another

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