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Problem definition

We have chosen to write about Nike. First of all we are going to make a company description of Nike and write about their history, and then we would like to make a swot analysis, wherein we are going to write about the company’s strengths, weaknesses, their opportunities and their threats. Then we will write about the importance of globalization for Nike’s expanding. After that, we will write about their policies, among these we will mention their environment policy. After this, we will write about their working conditions, on the different Nike factories. And hereafter we are going to write about the American business culture, and then write about their products. Finally, we will round our report off by evaluating it, and by making a conclusion.

History / company profile:

Bill Bowerman and Bill Hayward founded Nike in 1964 as Blue Ribbon sports BRS. BRS opened its first retail outlet in Santa Monica, California in 1966 and later they opened their first west retail store in Eugene, Oregon.

The brand name Nike and the company’s swoosh was created in 1971. Some years later in 1979 Nike introduced its first pair of running shoes, with air-sole that was engineered by former NASA employee Frank Rudy. In 1981 Nike opened its first footwear distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee.

Later in 1990, Nike opened its first Nike town store in Portland, Oregon. They made an exclusive agreement with The Athletic Congress in 1992, so that every medallist in the Barcelona games would wear Nike Apparel.

In 1993 Nike introduced the “Reuse-A-shoe” program, whereby old athletic shoes would be collected and used in the making of athletic courts, tracks and fields. During March 2004, Nike and Australian soccer Association entered a partnership. Two years later in 2006, Nike and Google announced a website, and this website was an online community for football. It is available in 14 languages. Since Nike has also introduced Joga TV and an Internet TV cannel focused on football.

Nike to day is divided in four product lines: footwear, apparel, equipment and other businesses. Under the footwear product line, Nike sells footwear for men, women and children. This product footwear is also divided into special categories such as running, cross-training, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, football and volleyball.

The apparel product line, Nike sells sports inspired lifestyle apparel like athletic bags and other accessory items. The company also apparel with professional teams and colleges.

The equipment product line, Nike sells equipment under their Nike brand name. They sell thing like golf clubs, sport balls, eyewear, bats, skates and other equipment that is used for sport activities. The company of Nike has also license to produce and sell Nike brand like children’s clothing and school supplies.

Nikes other business includes other subsidiaries like Bauer Nike Hockey, Cole Haan Holdings, Converse, Hurley International, Nike Golf and Exeter and Exeter brands Group.

Nike footwear and apparel products are produced outside the US, while equipment products are produced in both in the US and abroad.[1]

SWOT Analysis


Nike is the leading company for athletic footwear and athletic apparel in the world. Nike is operating globally with factories in the wide world. The majority of Nike’s products are produced outside USA e.g. in the Asian countries where the costs are very low. In a market like this, you have to increase your competitiveness by all means if you are to survive. With many competitors, like Adidas, Reebok etc. Nike has to follow the newest trends and be the leader, not just with regards to lower their costs, but also investing in new technologies in shoes.

Strengths: Nike’s market position is a big advantage and a very powerful strength. Nike is the leading shoe producer with approximately 40 percent of the worldwide footwear industry. Nike has its products...
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