Nike Code of Ethics

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Environment, Law Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Stephanie Hernandez
HU 357
August 3, 2013
Nike’s Code of Ethics
Matter of Respect:
Nike knows that people perform best in a work environment free from unlawful harassment and discrimination, and we want to be sure that harassment and discrimination of all types do not occur at Nike. To that end, Nike’s policy prohibits discrimination and harassment, seeks to prevent harassment and provides employees with an effective complaint process. Employees must take care to treat other the way they would expect to be treated as professional adults, respectful of the diverse workforce Nike enjoys. A company like Nike should stress the fact that employees should be as professional as possible. They get millions of customers each day and their employees reflect the brand. It’s wrong to sexually harass someone, because its disrespectful and it can make someone feel uncomfortable. And when someone is uncomfortable at work, they are not going to perform their best and it can affect them emotionally.

Environment, safety and health:
Nike is committed to providing safe and healthy work environments and to being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. The Nike standard, at a minimum is to comply with all environmental, safety and health laws regulations. Nike is committed to minimizing the impact of our business on the environment with methods that are socially responsible, scientifically based on economically sound. Every company must emphasize this; I think this because they don’t want tons of lawsuits. For instance, the fact that companies educates their employees on how to use a ladder. It’s a basic thing to know prior to getting the job, but for the companies protection they must show them anyways. Every state has health laws that need to be followed, there for employees will always here about health and safety laws.

Protection of Nike information, ideas, and intellectual property: From time to time, Nike employees may be exposed to...
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