Nike Breakdown

Topics: Nike, Inc., Tiger Woods, Target market Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: August 16, 2011
A. Segmentation Criteria


The age range of Nike is from infant to elderly. Their primary range would be the primary active/buying years from 18-45. However they design products for babies as well as youth, and many senior citizens still wear nike sweat suits, so its really wide open. Nike certainly does not target one gender intentionally harder then another. They do a good job of reaching out to both sexes very effectively. The average income attracted to nike would be middle class or higher. It is not an extremely expensive product, but in its industry is considered upper end. Since the brand is associated with athletics level of education is irrelevant. The two races most heavily targeted by Nike are Caucasian and african american. Nike is predominately associated with certain sports. Those sports tend to have a racial stereotype of athlete that excels at it. For example basketball. Nike uses many african american spokes people most famously Michael Jordan, and certainly targets african american athletes. However, Tiger woods, another nike endorser isn’t Caucasian yet still is targeting them primarily in his campaign. Family’s as opposed to childless or single living households are definitely the target. The more potential athletes in house the better. Chances are also that if one family members choices nike so will another. Therefore, family’s especially in communities are an important segment. Size of target market??????? *******Target market???


Nike is definitely geographically segmented. Sports, their primary vendor, are certainly regionalized. Basketball tends to be bigger in urban communities. Therefore, Nike's basketball products would definitely be segmented towards urban, city based, living communities. Nike’s golf line however would do horribly in that market and would certainly be targeted in upper class suburban regions of the country. Golfing products would also not likely be targeted in some of the colder...
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