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Topics: LeBron James, Nike, Inc., Swoosh Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Nike Just Do It
Nike is a huge company. Nike just do it campaigns and their commercials are well known throughout the sports community. Nike developed their name and company very well. Nike invests almost all their time on the commercials and their products so they can make the best quality. The Nike just do it campaign started in 1988 in an agency meeting. The just do it campaign allowed Nike to increase its profit from 18% to 43%. The creator of the just do it campaign was Gary Gilmore. When he established this just do it campaign Nike became big. The 80’s was the time when people became well informed of the benefits of exercise. Nike took advantage of this fitness craziness and introduced this ad that says “Just do it”. The caption of there ad captured the minds and interest of millions of people around the world. Everyone would agree with me that Nike began growing in the 80’s. Almost everywhere you see there’s at least someone with Nike stuff on. The Nike audiences are teenagers and also ages ranging from 18-40 male and female consumers. Teenagers make up Majority of Nike market share. Seeing how I’m a teenager most things I would buy are Nike things. They are stylish, comfortable and it’s a well known brand. Everyone had have used Nike apparel, shoes or anything Nike at least once in there life. The Nike just do it campaign values hard work. When I see Kobe or Lebron in a commercial doing hard work with the Nike equipment on it persuades me to go out and buy it. All those teenage athletes are always looking for an edge in their game and thinking that those big name athletes that use Nike products to get better will persuade people to buy theirs products. The Nike just do it campaign persuades people into buying their products. Using commercials and big name athletes makes people buy their products. Nike pertains to most athletes. Athletes are hard workers, the will to persevere, and that never going to quit type of attitude. When these big name...
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