Nike Basketball Shoes: the Best for the Best

Topics: Michael Jordan, Nike, Inc., Kobe Bryant Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Nike Basketball Shoes: The Best for the Best

In 1917, Chuck Taylor was the first to introduce the world to a shoe developed specifically for basketball; the Converse All-Star. They were all black, with a rubber sole and a canvas body that laced up over the top of the ankle. It’s hard to believe that for the next fifty years this basic design would be renowned as the world best basketball shoe. By the time the 70’s rolled around, Converse developed a slightly more modern version of their All-Star model, but overall the Converse had become outdated. Their shoes were bland in design and primitive in functionality. Then in The 1980’s, the basketball world was stunned with the emergence of Nike’s line of basketball shoes. It finally appeared that basketball shoes had a new gold standard of how they were measured. With their stylish designs, use of technology, and with the stamp of approval from the NBA’s top players, Nike is considered to produce the world’s best basketball shoes.

Nike has always managed to turn heads with their ability to produce a stylish shoe, combining a classic look, with just enough modern flare to grab attention. In 1983, Nike released their Air Force 1 model. With its eye catching Nike swoosh symbol and original ankle strap, Nike instantly became a fashion icon in the in the basketball world. Since then Nike basketball shoes have captivated players with their new designs, now even offering a website where the buyer can customize shoes from the latest trending models down to the classics. Nike has remained the model of style and design in part, to their technological advancement.

Along with providing a stylish shoe, Nike technology has given players a comfortable and lightweight shoe that remains responsive on the court. From being the first to implement a shoe with an air sole, as well as a shoe with spring-like shocks, Nike has been a pioneer of the basketball shoe industry. Recently Nike created a...
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