Topics: Ethics, Morality, Social responsibility Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: November 15, 2013
Moral responsibility can sometimes be confused with “moral objections”. In the following paper I will analyse two case studies to explain how we can use moral responsibility to “blame” someone for their actions within a business environment. The two cases, Nike and Gun Manufacture touch upon how moral responsibilities can sometimes be over looked financial gains are substantial. Nike made the choice to look away when employees associated with Nike were treated inappropriately. Despite the fact Nike follows a corporate responsibility in America; they were completely ignorant to the fact that manufacturing plants producing Nike products in oversea locations were utterly mistreating their employees. When dealing with sensitive – high risk products such as liquor, tobacco, or like in our case; weapons (guns). Manufactures such as Bushmaster Firearms have strict guide lines to follow in order to comply with various regulations. In the case of Bushmaster Firearms they had established a steady distribution channel with Bull’s Eye Shooting. Bull’s Eye Shooting, being its own entity had its own operations, retail strategies, financial reporting, and day to day activities. The roles and obligations of Bushmaster Firearms and Bull’s Eye Shooting were completely different from both a business and ethical perspective. Through various moral and logical reasoning I will discuss why Nike is morally to blame for its ignorance, and why Bushmaster Firearms is morally not to blame for their actions. Nike has always had a fair share in the market when it comes to sportswear; their products are known and appreciated worldwide. Their products are worn by many professional athletes in major sporting events. The amount of publicity Nike encounters is limitless. With that being said, the general public can have a bitter taste about the company within minutes if they hear something is being done inappropriately. Usually in a business environment the main objective is to maximize revenues...
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