Nightmare on Elm St

Topics: Freddy Krueger, Sleep, A Nightmare on Elm Street Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: December 15, 2012
I think A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is so popular because of its inventive antagonist; A villain that terrorizes victims in an inescapable world where the victim has little to no power. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was inspired by reportedly true events. Wes Craven read and clipped articles from the L.A. Times about a young man who died during a nightmare. The young man and his family had come out of a relocation camp in Southeast Asia and were living in California. He would have these severe nightmares to the point of staying awake as much as possible; he would spit out prescription sleeping pills when his parents weren’t looking, and he kept a coffee pot in his bedroom closet. The article went on to say his dad brought him to his room after he fell asleep on the couch watching tv, thinking he was finally sleeping peacefully the family went to bed. Later that night they were awoken by him screaming and thrashing around and before they got him, he was dead. An autopsy later showed there was no sign of why he died. The inspiration from this event launched one of the most popular horror series and notorious movie slashers. The essence of Freddy’s character was inspired by an experience Wes Craven had when he was a little boy. Wes heard a man walking outside of his bedroom window and as he looked out, the man looked up and they locked eyes, Wes backed up into the shadows of his room waiting for the man to be on his way. When Wes returned to the window, the man was still there. The man then walked around Wes apartment building toward the entrance and opened the door, but by the time Wes woke his family, the man was gone. This man enjoying scaring young Wes was the way he imagined Freddy should be. As the film begins, High school student Tina Gray is having a disturbing nightmare in which she is stalked through a boiler room by a severely burned man with the bladed glove on his right hand. When he finally catches her, she wakes up screaming in her own bed. However she...
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