Night Without Electricity

Topics: Cooking, Baking, Roti Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: August 28, 2013
19th August 2013
The following is a recipe for bajra roti. Use the instructions in the recipe to cpmplete the paragraph that follows, by choosing the correct option from those given below. 1. Mix the bajra flour, salt and water to make a dough and knead well. 2. Make small balls.

3. Sprinkle bajra flour on a flat surface. Place the dough on it. Flatten the dough like a thick roti. 4. Lift the roti and put it on the hot tawa. Cook both sides. 5. Place it directly on the hot flame till it is done.

6. Serve after applying ghee.

The bajra flour, salt and water[a]-----------------------------------to make a dough by kneading it well. Then small balls [b]-----------------------------. Then bajra flour [c]--------------------------------on a flat surface. The dough[d]----------------------------------like a thick roti. The roti [e]--------------------------------and put on the hot tawa. Both the sides [f]-----------------------------------. Then the roti[g]---------------------------------directly on the flame till it is done. The rotis [h]--------------------------------------after applying ghee.

[a] i. is mixed ii. are mixed iii. will be mixed iv. should be mixed. [b] i. is made ii. will be made iii. are made iv. can be made. [c] i. is sprinkled ii. shall be sprinkled iii. are sprinkled iv. should be sprinkled [d] i. will be flattened ii. can be flattened iii. are flattened iv. is flattened. [e] i. are lifted ii. is lifted iii. will be lifted iv. can be lifted [f] i. is cooked ii. are cooked iii. can be cooked iv. shall be cooked [g] i. is put ii. has been put iii. will be put iv. should be put [h] i. are served ii. is served iii. should be served iv. must be served. -------------------------------------------------

Exercise : Change the voice.
i. We saw you and him.

ii. He keeps me waiting.

iii. I shall order the...
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