Night shift

Topics: Terrorism, Vampire, Feeling Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: November 1, 2014
Many horror writers create a sensation of terrifying pain and sorrow in humans with the reliance on supernatural antagonist. Stephen king's Night shift collection is composed of many short stories that have an effective use of supernatural antagonists. King's "One For The Road" deals with an unnatural creature that kills humans with it's supernatural qualities. "Children Of The Corn" is a story about violent children that sacrifice other humans for a demon and creates a feeling that readers will never get rid of. The myth of the monster that lives in your closet comes into reality in "The Boogeyman", another story that has a life long impact on readers. King's previously mentioned titles, that have an effective use of supernatural antagonists to create terrifying pain and sorrow for the reader.

"One For The Road" is one of King's stories that contains sufficient use of terrifying pain and sorrow to create a sensation of terror in humans' minds. Therefore, king uses his vampire creatures to terrify his readers for life. The vampires seem to look like normal humans, but in reality they are violent killers. The vampires only come out in Salem's lot, which is an abandoned town. Tookey and Lumley have to go into a bad snow storm to save Lumley's family. When they finally get to through the high snow, it's too late the vampires had already gotten the family. By the time they got to the abandoned car nothing was left but a doll and Lumley's daughter's coat. It turns out that Lumley's wife and daughter got turned into vampires, and now they want to turn him into one as well. Lumley cannot live his normal life never again will he be able to see his family...
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