Night Owls

Topics: Sleep, Chronotype, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: November 4, 2013

Did you know that, out of every ten people, one is a lark, one is an owl and the rest follow a normal circadian cycle? The Normal cycle is when people wake up in the morning naturally, and the owl, you should guess, is a loner night person. “These settings are genetically encoded and cannot be erased. Once an owl, always an owl.” (Anne Fadiman, “Night Owl”, 62). So how can the night and day difference be so big? When reading the story “Night Owl’ by Anne Fadiman, she describes a contrast between morning people and the night people, and what type she is and how it affects her life. Reading this story, I see similarities that with my own life about her life, that were like mine, which felt like I was collecting evidence for my own case on the subject.

Your eyes open to the bright sun peeking through the blinds, its early morning. You get out of bed and think of the things you must do that day. Who are the people getting up this early, farmers, bakers, doctors, teachers, all those nine to fivers? Well one of those morning people or larkers is not me. I could not tell you the last time I willingly got up in the morning. I have never been a morning person, and most likely will never be. Fadiman says of her husband George, that he is an early bird who believes in seizing the day. He is awake and full of energy. (62) I have a husband just like that, who wakes up naturally in the morning and is ready to go as soon as his eyes open. While he is getting ready to go to work, I have most likely just went to sleep and have not started my first rem cycle yet. Like Fadiman says, “ Dawns are all very well (though I generally see them after staying up all night, when I may be too sleepy to appreciate them), but they can’t hold a candle to a full moon, an aurora borealis, a meteor shower, or a comet.” (64). I can relate to this, as I know the sun is rising as I am writing this right now. I do know that mornings are not that bad; many things are accomplished...
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