Night Of Broken Glass Analysis

Pages: 2 (387 words) / Published: Nov 30th, 2017
Dear reader, I am in desperate need for help; I have been captured by the Nazis and forced to work at a concentration camp. The Nuremberg laws have separated married couples where one partner happened to be Jewish and the other was German. My Reich citizenship has been taken away since I am Jewish even though I have lived most of my life in Germany. The Kristallnacht, otherwise known as “The Night Of Broken Glass”, is when Germans systematically murdered the Jewish occupants of Germany. They tore through towns, destroying Jewish property; homes were invaded, the windows of stores belonging to Jews were shattered, Jews were continuously murdered one after the other. Jewish businesses have done nothing but support Germany’s economy. Around seven thousand and five hundred businesses …show more content…
Jewish twins are also being taken in and experimented on for their organs. For some reason, the Nazis have an obsession towards twins, finding them to be supernatural or surreal. All these groups are being exterminated in cruel ways; they lined up and repeatedly shot, forced into small gas chambers, or stripped of all their clothes and murdered slowly. There is currently a new plan that Hitler has created with his colleagues known as “The Final Solution”. This plan is meant to kill all remaining Jews who’ve survived the torture they’ve been dealing with so far. Hitler wants a quicker and more efficient way to murder us. It is now legal for Germans to murder all Jews within reach. Hitler believes that this will increase the amount of people murdered and leave his country Jewish free. So far, around two thirds of the Jewish people around Europe have been brutally murdered for no reason other than unnecessary discrimination. I am begging the person reading this to try and save me; I do not want to die without a fight against Hitler’s immoral beliefs and

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