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Religions of America

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The “Night Flying Woman” was a story told by an Ojibway grandmother to her young grandchildren. While reading this book, I really fell in love with the simplicity of the Native American life before the “strangers” assumed control. I appreciate their beliefs about the resources they were granted by an ultimate power.

The most influential point made throughout this story of Oona’s life, most certainly was that the Indian people were happy. They had traditions, strong family ties, and a great appreciation for everything that was. They had always supplied everything that they needed for themselves through “Grandmother Earth” and that was the way they planned to live until the end of time. The Ojibway of this story believe in three main concepts which were: 1.) Gitichi Manito (God) “is the ruler of all things. He made the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon…” (Night Flying Woman pg. 93) 2.) One must honor their family. 3.) “… the brotherhood of the people and the animal people.” (Night Flying Woman pg.94). They lived their entire lives around these main points. They assured they would have enough without taking more than necessary and for everything they received, they were joyful and gave thanks.

The Ojibway, like the other Native American’s, were forced to make changes when the settlers arrived in this “new world”. The initial change for Oona’s family came when they moved away from their home in order to escape the strangers that were near. In their new home, everything was done in secrecy so that they would leave no traces that could lead the new people to them. When they finally moved to the reservations, the children were forced to go to school. In

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school they were told that they must be baptized into Christianity and forget their old ways of living. Oona’s family decided to be baptized due to the pressures from Oona’s mother’s boss. They now had...
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