Night by Elie Wiesel

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Written response to a prompt- a statement about the theme which you are required to “break open” in your response. Theme – “rites of passage”
Example of a prompt: “Rites of passage presents obstacles which must be overcome” The context essay can take three forms:
The prompt or stimulus is what must be addressed in relation to the texts you have explored. Sometimes there may be an image as well as text
Discussion of the prompt is the prime task of your writing
You can agree or disagree with the prompt
You can give a point of view as well as a personal reflection/experience. TWO TASKS
Over the next three weeks, you will write one piece in each of the three forms: Expository, Persuasive, Imaginative. Short pieces: between 400-600 words.

In the exam, you will write one context essay in the form of your choice. You will have the opportunity to write a practice piece and receive feedback from your teacher.

An expository task requires you to explain and explore the central idea of the context (theme) which is rites of passage An expository piece requires you to be factual and straight forward. EXPOSITORY CHARACTERISTICS:

Characteristics of an expository response include:
The explanation of an idea rather than the argument
General discussion of the ideas suggested by the prompt
Specific examples used to illustrate ideas generated by the text. APPROPRIATE VOCABULARLY:
You should use mainly formal vocabulary
You may use “I” and “we” to explain ideas where appropriate You do not need to use direct quotes from the text.
An essay
A news article
A research article
A public letter
A personal letter
A workplace report
A feature article which explores a range of issues, opinions, experience and ideas (these appear in magazines or newspapers and target a particular audience) EFFECTIVE EXPOSITORY WRITING:...
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