Topics: Auschwitz concentration camp, Religion, Judaism Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Night Essay
Have you ever had your faith tested? Well in Night by Eli Wiesel, his faith in god is constantly tested during his time at Auschwitz. By the time that Auschwitz is liberated he has almost given up his faith completely. Wouldn’t yours be? Night is about Eli Wiesel’s time at Auschwitz and how it affected his relationship with his father and how his religious faith was tested. Before Eli entered the camp he was a very religious man and he was very close to his father but as time went on his relationship with his father and his faith in God were both affected dramatically.

Before being sent to the concentration camp Eli’s life was dedicated to religion. He would beg his dad to get his dad to get him a guide to the kabala even though his dad said he was too young. “I believe profoundly”. Later on he meets Moshe the Beetle at the synagogue who asks Eli why he prays. And when Eli says he does not know he asks Moshe why he prays and Moshe says “I pray to the god inside myself so he may give me the strength to ask the right questions”. But Moshe is taken to the camp and barely escapes with his life and as he returns home to tell the other Jews but they all think that he is crazy. But Surely enough the Nazis slowly start to invade and make the Jews move into the Ghettos give up personal belongings and make them where the gold star of David.

At the camp in the beginning he is trying to keep his faith but realizes that he doesn’t believe “for the first time I felt revolt rise up in me”. The other campers start to lose faith as well making comments such as “where is god now” or “it is the end, god is no longer with us”. How ever some campers keep their faith. “Praised be thy Holy name”.
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