Nigeria Correctional System

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Nigeria Correctional Systems 1

Nigeria Correctional System
Chiquita Yusuff
Axia College CJS/230

Nigeria Correction System 2

“Protect the society; reform the prisoner. If you cannot do the time, do not do the crime”. This is the motto used by the country of Nigeria, in regards to its correctional system. The slogan is an understatement when it comes to the actual and physical sense of being a prisoner in the Nigerian prisons. Nigerians prison systems concept of prison organization and administration was introduced by the British colonial administration. The present system to date still conforms to the British model (NCJRS government publications). Nigeria had a dual prison system for more than a half century until the consolidation of the federal and local prisons in 1968. The Nigerian Prison Service was headquartered in Lagos and headed by a director responsible for administering nearly 400 facilities. All of these facilities since 1975 came under federal control. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the formulations and implementation of penal policies in Nigeria. He is assisted by six Deputy Controllers-General (DCGs) who head the six broad administrative divisions called Directorates into which the Service is broken for efficient management. They are Operations, Administration Personnel Management Training and Supplies, Health and Social Welfare, Finance, Inmates Training and Productivity, and Works and Logistics. The Deputy Controller Generals who head the Directorates report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (Country data .com).

Nigeria Correctional System 3

In 1989 the prison staff was reported to be 18,000, an apparent decrease from the 23,000 level in 1983. The average daily...

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