Topics: Nigeria, Nigerian cuisine, Igbo people Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Hello, my name is Mesoma Ejeh and I’ll be talking about Nigeria. Off all the feautures of Nigeria that acronym missed a very important one.It’s my home.Probably 98% of this class knows little to nothing about Nigeria so I will cover our foods and drinks,our people and culture,our fashion and its impact to the world and Nigeria’s location,season,weather and cilmate. For Starters Nigeria is in west Africa.North of Nigeria would be Niger, south, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea,East is Chad and Cameron and the West, Benin Republic. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and is the most populous black nation in the world.wht the large figure?there were 162.5 million people in 2011.There are very Different from Here there are only two seasons in Nigeria,dry and rainy season which are unevenly spread throughout the year.there is the long rainy season from march to the end of the short dry season which last for 3-4 weeks in August.Following that is long dry season from late October- early march.Finally long dry season from late october to early march.Therfore right in Nigeria we are inlong rainy season.Nigeria is very very very hot and I am not exaggerating,it’s average temperature is 26.4 degrees celcius.What’s a nation without its people?Nothing. So let’s get to met the people of nigeria. There are 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria and 628 dialects are spoken in the different 36 states of Nigeria.the Capital of Nigeria is Abuja(the middle city).There are three major tribes in Nigeria which are Igbo-where I am from ,yoruba and Hausa.Hausa are found in the Nothern part of Nigeria and are commonly muslims.Some festivals celebrated by te hausa are the muslims festivals,fishing festivals and many others.the Igbos are found in the southeast of Nigeria.The New yam festival is a major festival celebrated ny the Igbos.The yorubas found in the western part of Nigeria celebrated several festivals an example would be Ogun,Osun...
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