Nietzsche’s Philosophical View: Religion

Topics: Morality, Friedrich Nietzsche, Religion Pages: 3 (621 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Every society has a Moral Horizon
oThese are absolute statements about how we should live
oThey inform citizens what is morally right and wrong

Great men create horizons for us
oPlato, Locke, Jesus, Buddha

Moralists like Jesus said these values are wrong- that laws should protect the weak.

The consequence of Christianity’s Moral Horizon
This code become the dominant moral “horizon” in Europe oChristianity triumphed over Rome
oToday, Christian morals go unquestioned and unchallenged by most of us oThe process of condemning strength encouraging a welfare state has been accomplished by convincing society that this new Christian moral code as perfect oNatural leaders, the confident, the courageous, & the innovators are shackled by a value system that makes them equal with the masses. •Horizons are only Perspectives

oFor Nietzsche, all horizons are man-made perspective in constant flux- not absolute truths All are “created” by men
There’s no truth out man and society
Life has no meaning before we give it meaning

Christianity replaced a Master Morality with a Slave Morality

Slave Morality of Christianity
Be caring and sensitive to all- place others first- don’t be selfish- be meek- help the less fortunate- sacrifice. Master Morality of Nietzsche
To be great, we must break away from that false thinking •This thinking prevents men from being great individuals
oChristianity creates mediocrity
oIt shackles great men to the mundane and average
Master Morality would encourage us to be unequals, warriors, and rise above the weak, stupid, and meek oLet the strong rise to the top of the heap

Slave vs. Master Morality
Under threat/fear, it force. It forces men men to value Humility not Pride, Equality not Individualism, Timidity not Aggression, and Others not Yourself

Primal Will to Power: Instinct to Survive
Second will: Child’s Will: Ability to say YES
Third Will: Will to Power

Turning Good into Evil
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