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MGT 3553 – MIS
TOPIC 2 – Technical Overview (Telecommunications & Networking) __________________________________________________________

Most information systems today rely on digital networks to communicate information in the form of data, graphics, video and voice. Companies large and small from all over the world are using networked systems and the Internet to locate suppliers and buyers, to negotiate contracts with them, and to service their trades.

Network systems are fundamental to electronic commerce and electronic business. This topic provides a basic introduction to overall corporate telecommunications environment.

Definition of Telecommunications

“is the sending of information in any form (e.g. voice, data, text, and images) from one place to another using electronic or light-emitting media.” “a collection of compatible hardware and software arranged to communicate information from one location to another.”

Definition of Data Communications

“describes the transmitting and receiving of data over communication links between one or more computer systems and variety of input/output terminals.”

Why Telecommunication is Important?

End users need to communicate electronically to succeed in today’s global information society.
Through the use of telecommunication they perform their work activities, manage organizational resources and compete successfully in today’s fast changing global economy.
Need to electronically exchange data and information with other end users, customers, suppliers and other organizations.
Enable end user to communicate electronically and share hardware, software and data resources via LAN.
Enable a company to process transactions immediately from many remote locations, exchange business documents electronically with customers and suppliers or remotely monitor and control production processes via WAN.

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MGT 3553 – MIS
TOPIC 2 – Technical Overview (Telecommunications & Networking) __________________________________________________________

Interconnect the computer systems of a business so that end users through out an enterprise via LAN or internet can share their computing power. Enhance collaboration and communication among individuals both inside and outside an organization via internet.

Applications of Telecommunication
Telecommunication applications are group into three categories:

Enterprise Collaboration Systems –
“Use telecommunications networks to support communication, coordination and collaboration among the members of business teams and workgroups.” Example: employees and external consultants on a project team may use the internet, intranets and extranets to support electronic mail, video conferencing, electronic discussion groups and multimedia Web pages to communicate and collaborate on business project.

Electronic Commerce Systems –
“Support the buying and selling of products, services and information over the internet and other computer networks.”
Example: a business could use the internet to give customers access to multimedia product catalogs on the WWW, use extranets so large customers can access the company’s inventory databases and use a corporate intranet so employees can easily look up customers record store on internet servers.

Internal Business Systems –
“Depend on variety of computer networks to support a company’s business operation.
Example: employees may use an intranet to access benefits information on a human resource department server. Or a company may link wide area and local area networks so managers can make inquiries and generate reports from corporate databases stored on network servers and mainframe systems.

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MGT 3553 – MIS
TOPIC 2 – Technical Overview (Telecommunications & Networking) __________________________________________________________

Figure 2.3-1: Telecommunication Applications...
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