Nielsen Media Research

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Chapter 5 – Planning and Strategic Goal Setting

1.Where do you think the problems lie at Nielsen? For example, are they primarily with the company's strategic goals and plans, tactical goals and plans, or operational goals and plans? With alignment of goals and plans?

In this case, Nielsen has problems in all three planing areas strategic , tactical , and operational.
Strategic goals – A crucial mistake was made, as Mr.Calhoun prematurely met with his clients, and assured them the delays were not going to happen anymore. By him doing so, he is loosing his credibility, specially by being the new CEO.

Taking into consideration, he is new to the company, the very first thing he should know, is what was promised to his clients, since that happens to be essential to the company's survival. Then, a new strategic goal must be developed, since the competitors (cable and satellite) are already pursuing in getting into that business. Considering his clients are not happy already, if Nielsen does not come up with a new strategic goal soon, they might have the same tragic future as Blockbuster (did not recognize Netflix as a threat, nor RedBox and they both contributed to Blockbuster's failure)

Tactical goals – Another area in which he failed was on meeting with the different departments of the organization in order to find out what their deficiencies were. Clearly the company should know the need of all resources the different areas required, in order to be able to deliver the product in a timely manner. i.e. computers and new technology.

Operational goals – If proper communication was taking place, management would know that, they would be unable to deliver the product (tv ratings) by the deadline. Consequently they would be able to put in place a contingency plan, In order to fulfill the client's expectations.

As a result, Nielsen Corporation needs to work on the current goals and fix the issues currently at hand, but they also need to work...
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