Nicolo Fontana Tartaglia

Topics: Cubic function, Quartic function, Quadratic equation Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: October 20, 2006
To begin civilization in a meaningful way, we had to be able to communicate ideas from one person to another. We can show this happened for a long period of time; however, we can appreciate a dramatic improvement in culture and society with the ability to record ideas. Not only expressive with words and events, but now mathematics as well. People are now able to look at and solve practical math problems significantly. I have learned that most of early mathematics began in a practical sense; to figure out heights, lengths, area, perimeters, volumes, and various other simple problems. As nations became more stable, scholars were able to study and learn more difficult abstract formulas based on theory. Also basic equations were looked at closer and found that some could be made more precise like , as an example. It is wonderful to see countless examples throughout the century's formulas and equations refined and discovered. Though you would assume that most achievements would be cultivated in times of peace and prosperity, I know of a mathematician that lived in uncertainty and peril. Yet he was able to overcome his hardships and achieve much throughout his life.

Nicolo Fontana Tartaglia was born in 1500 in a town named Brescia in the Republic of Venice which is now called Italy. His boyhood was not that of today's standards of living. At the age of four Nicolo's father, who worked as a mail carrier on horse, was murdered whilst making a delivery. The family, poor to begin with, is now destitute. The years in poverty continue for the Fontana's, barely surviving off of generosity and kindness of others. Then in Nicolo's teenage years the French army marched in and captured his little town killing over 45,000 people. Nicolo who had sought shelter in a church with his family would not escape unharmed, a French soldier found them and seriously wounded Nicolo's face. Unable to seek treatment due to lack of money his mother patched him up as best as...
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