nicodemus and samaritan woman

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Summarize, explain and compare the meeting of Jesus with Nicodemus in john chapter 3 with his meeting with the woman at the well in john chapter 4.


In the fourth gospel John we are told about when Jesus has two encounters with two completely different people and he talks to them about God and himself. He teaches them about spiritual water and how he is the messiah. I’m going to talk about these two meetings and compare them with one another to see the differences and the similarities between the two.

Jesus and Nicodemus, The meeting with Jesus and Nicodemus is a very interesting one to say the least because Nicodemus is seen to be a very high up Jewish leader, Nicodemus was a member of a very important Jewish group known as the Sanhedrin which is like a council but for Jews (Jewish council). The Sanhedrin was in fact in the end of Jesus’s life was actually responsible for Jesus’s death, which makes it kind of ironic because Jesus is a Jew. Nicodemus wanted to speak to Jesus in private so they arranged a visit in the dark which instantly shows us that Nicodemus doesn’t want to be seen with Jesus because he is a member of the Sanhedrin, its as if he is hiding something or frightened about what people will thin if they see him talking to Jesus. The fact Nicodemus goes to Jesus at night makes him a very interesting person as it makes us question why he sees Jesus at night and not in the day its as if he doesn’t have faith in Jesus or believes he is better than everyone else and has a higher knowledge of faith because Nicodemus was a teacher of the Jewish law so is an academic therefore he can not be seen by others talking to Jesus as he has a higher authority. Jesus said to Nicodemus that he was ‘born again’ which Nicodemus misunderstood because he is thinking with the mind because he is an academic he isn’t thinking with the spirit or the heart, which is what Jesus is implying and trying to get across. The talk ends with Nicodemus...
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