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Topics: Family, Chinese language, Mother Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: April 26, 2015
 Topic: Family expectations have positive and negative influences on individuals. Alice Pung’s Growing up Asian in Australia shows family expectations have positive and negative influence on individuals. It is normal for most families to want to see their children happy, healthy and successful. Not all parents, however, agree on the order of these three things and not all parents place the same amount of pressure on their children to conform to their expectations. In fact, some parents believe it is best for their children to talk to their parents and grandparents and learn about their succusses and failures, but they ultimately believe that their children should be free to make their own choices in life. Other parents, instead, believe their children should obey them and do exactly what they are told. They hope their children will achieve the things that often they never managed to do themselves. In this second case, family expectations can have a very negative effect on individuals; whereas, in the case of more tolerant parents, family expectation may have a positive effect. The exceeding family expectations are bringing many stress and pressure for the children to take the mask in front of others. In Paul Nguyen’s story, “You can’t choose your memories”, Paul describes the pressure he felt from his mother, as she became a “workaholic”, trying to provide for her family, once her husband became ill. She raised Paul the way she had been raised by her parents in Vietnam, even though this way filled her with sadness and resentment (anger) at the time. As a child, Paul’s mother felt unloved by her parents who believed that love for a child was all about providing food on the table “and giving their four children shelter and education” only. But, as an adult, she forgets about this. She fails to learn from this memory and treats her son the same way that her parents acted. Paul desperately wants her to communicate with him, not to sleep in the same bed for ten years...
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