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Student Wireless Information Packet

Directions for adding printers included


Please sign and return the form on the last page to the System Support Technician’s office in order to obtain access to the ITT wireless network.

Wireless Networking – User Responsibilities

*ITT students will follow the terms of all applicable ITT policies, procedures, guidelines, standards, and all applicable local, state and Federal regulations when using equipment connected to ITT’s network whether or not the individual is using wireless or wired network connections.

*Users will implement the recommended security software, hardware settings, patches, and protocols on end-user equipment used to access ITT’s wireless network.

*Users assume responsibility for support and troubleshooting of problems when using wireless network interface cards not supported by ITT.

*Users will report known misuse or abuse of the wireless network or associated equipment immediately to your local SST or ITT personnel.

*Users responsible for any wireless network infrastructure equipment not installed by ITT personnel will be required to remove it immediately.

*Personnel contracting with ITT to obtain wireless access service are responsible for ensuring the physical security of wireless access point equipment and reporting loss, theft, or damage to the local SST or ITT Director immediately upon discovery.

How to Access the ITT Wireless Network

NOTE:In order to properly authenticate on the wireless network, you must agree and sign the ITT Wireless Network Release Form. You can acquire this form from your local System Support Technician. Connecting to Wireless Network

1. Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection icon located on your Task Bar.


2. Select View Available Wireless Networks.


3. Select the ittcampus network. Click Connect.

4. Once the connection process has completed, your network status should change from Manuel to Connected.


NOTE:The language may be different depending on operating system.

5. Close the Wireless Network Connection window (click on “X”). Authenticating to Wireless Network

1. Launch your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer).

2. Click Yes at the Security Alert pop-up.


3.You should be redirected to the following login page.


4.To authenticate, use your domain name and student network login (GUID), and your network password (as shown below):


Domain Name:CAMPUS
Network ID:01234567 (as an example)
Username:CAMPUS\01234567 (as an example)

5.The web portal will then process your request.

NOTE:If you mistype any information, you will be receiving a Authentication Unsuccessful message and will be redirected back to the login screen.


6.Once you are authenticated successfully, you will be redirected to Google. You are now ready to use the wireless network.

Client ITT Wireless Client Configuration


The client configuration shown is from a computer running Windows XP Professional SP2 that is acting as a wireless client to obtaining access to intranet resources through the wireless AP. To configure the client as a wireless client, perform the following steps:


The client computer will have to have Windows XP SP1, Windows XP SP2, or Windows 2000 SP4 to support PEAP.

Configure wireless network connection

1. Open Network Connections, right click the wireless connection then select Properties.

2. On the Wireless Networks tab, click Add under Preferred Networks.

3. On the Association tab in the Wireless Network Connection...
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