Nicholas Sparks

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Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an amazing author and has written many best sellers. Some like the The Notebook and Dear John have been turned into huge motion pictures. Most of his books are based about life and family experiences. In A Walk to Remember the main character Jamie ends up dying from cancer and it just so happens that Sparks has a sister who died from a long battle of cancer just like Jamie. Also his book The Choice has a character named Travis who is based by his brother Micah in real life. This proving the fact that his life events play a huge role in what he chooses to write about. To understand his writing more I will go in depth and talk about his themes, characters personalities, setting and style of writing in the following paragraphs.

One wouldn’t argue that the biggest theme throughout Sparks’ book would simply be love. He is always talking about how you can’t escape your true love, or how love makes you do things for someone that you wouldn’t normally do for anyone else. Also that love brings out the true person you are. One quote in particular I thought applied to this theme was on page 175 of The Choice and it says “…both aware that they were sitting across from a person who just might change the course of their lives forever if they weren’t careful.” By saying that Sparks was emphasizing that your true love can’t be ignored. The one person you are meant to be with is there, and somehow they will find you, and you will be together. Destiny will take its path for whatever it has in store for you. After the initial finding of the love there is the remaining power that the love has to offer. People will go in and out of love and have complications but that’s what makes the game interesting, and in the long run better for the couple. For example, there is a quote from a letter that Wilson writes to his wife Jane in The Wedding...
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