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v105 some people claim that the disadvantages of the car are more than the advantages ,do you agree or disagree?

范文 1 the birth of cars have made an enormous change to our the past,we travel from on e place to another only by foot,nowaday,cars can do it .its goes withour saying that the in vention of cars bring great benefit to all of us.but as proverb goes:no garden without wee is not exception.

owing a car has a lot of advantages.for one thing,car provide us the most convient way of transportation.we can get around freely without spenting a lot of time.emotionally,i alway s found driving is so exciting.for another,its the comfortable to drive a car.In winter.drivers always can stay warm and dry even in rainy whether,in addition,drivers are usually safe i n their cars when they are out at night.

Cars bring the human merits,their side-effects graudually come to the surface.firstly,to ru n a car need a lot of oil,which is getting less and less.the increasing number of cars contri bute the lacking of energy.secondlly,as more and more cars are used,the traffic ecpeciall y in big cities is getting heaver and heavier,which lead to the serious social problem--traffi c addition,the inceasing numbers of cars ,which excaust sent a huge quantities of carbon monoxide into make the air of cities unbreathabe,it strip people con tact with frensh air.


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therefore,the new energy should be explored to replace the oil so that our envionmental p ollution can be avioded .and the strick law should be issued to keep the numbers of cars under control.thus,our heavier traffic can be solluted!

范文 2

Private cars vs Public traffic

As traffic problems become more and more serious in many cities of developed and deve loping countries, their governments have to try hard and loads of money and energy have been spent to deal with them.

Firstly, it is not efficient for the commuters to use their private cars to and back from their workplaces. Occasionally we can see they have to sit on the wheels wasting time and fue l in a heavy traffic jam. At the same time, through burning the fossil fuels, green house ga s CO2, CO1, acid rain gas SO2, fumes and dusts are being released into the atmosphere , all of which heavily overload the environment. Thirdly, with the increase of private cars, t he road traffic accidents are also rise dramatically. For example, in a city with 5000 cars, there will be at least 250 accidents happening everyday, which also burden the public he althy services.

On the contrary, expected public traffic may be an ideal solution to these problems. For e xample city buses and railways are widely used or being constructed by many cities. Peo ple can take buses easily, which can be found every 10 minutes or less in the peak time. Actually, Nottingham Transport Company is building its own light railway in the city, which is announced by the speak man of the company, “It will be completed in the next year, th e tickets will be very competitive and at the same time the travel will be very safe and co mfortable.”

On the other hand, public traffic had its own disadvantages. Usually it cannot provide doo


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r-to-door service. It is inconvenient to go shopping by public vehicles. Sometimes you mu st wait a long time for the train. And quite a lot of people prefer to enjoy driving.

In conclusion, developing the public traffic is a useful approach to deal with these difficulti es. One possible way, if not the best, is to taxi private cars heavily and use these revenu es to provide citizens cheaper public traffic services.

范文 3 With the development of science and technology, the cars have already become the imp ortant component in our daily life gradually. Cars make our life convenient and swift. How ever, too many cars have caused very serious social problems. Some people claim that t he disadvantages of car are more than the advantages. I...
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