Topics: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Titania, Puck Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: April 8, 2013
A midsummer’s nights dream
A midsummer’s night dream is a comedy playwright about four young Athenian lovers, a group of amateur actors, the duke of Athens, Theseus, Titania, Oberon, Hippolyta, and fairies who inhabit a moonlit forest. The Characters in a midsummer’s nights dream are split into 4 groups. Nobles: Theseus (Duke of Athens) Ageus (father of Hermia) Hipolyta (Queen of the Amazons) Workmen: Quince (carpenter, who leads the group) Bottom (weaver, he plays Pyramus in the troupe's production) Starveling (tailor, he plays Moonshine) Flute (bellows-mender he plays Thisbe) Snout (tinker, he plays the wall) Snug (joiner, he plays the lion) Fairies: Oberon (King of the fairies) Titania (Queen of the fairies) Puck (servant to Oberon) Lovers: Lysander (beloved of Hermia) Hermia (beloved of Lysander) Helena (in love with Demetrius) Demetrius (in love with Hermia). A Midsummer’s Nights Dream is about Theseus the Duke of Athens announcing he will marry Hippolyta, in four days. Theseus hears Ageus' complaint that his daughter Hermia refuses to marry his chosen suitor. Theseus declares Hermia must marry Demetrius, or choose between death and joining a nunnery. Lysander tells Hermia to flee to the forest with him to marry. Hermia's friend, Helena, learns of this and decides to inform Demetrius, whom she likes. Demetrius, though, loves Hermia. Helena hopes they will all meet in the forest. Meanwhile, Quince, Bottom, Flute, Starveling, Snug, and snout organize a play to be performed at Theseus’ wedding.

In the forest, Oberon argues with Titania that he should have her orphan child . Titania objects, asserting she is queen. To obtain the boy, Oberon orders Puck to obtain a flower from Cupid that causes one to love the first person a person sees. Oberon plans to give it to Titania, so she'll love a vile thing and give him the child. Demetrius and Helena appear, Helena pursuing him, and he fleeing her. Puck arrives with the flower and Oberon orders Puck to put the...
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