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Nia Silva. Where am I Now?

By akelovessoftball Dec 03, 2013 312 Words

Nia Silva: Where Am I Now?
It’s been two days since I got in that van and was taken out of Candor. It’s been rough on my own after getting dropped off somewhere in northern Florida. I only brought about $50.00 with me when Oscar and I set off into the woods. I’ve been alone ever since I got out of the van and I’m not sure what to do. Oscar made it very clear that I was not ever allowed to call my parents, but even if I did, I’m not sure what I would say. I’m sure they’ve figured out that I’m gone, but I don’t know what’s happening back in Candor. In fact, I don’t wish to know.

I’m trying my best to forget. Day-to-day life was easy. The days were all a blur. And I know I’d still be there doing the same old humdrum routine every day if it wasn’t for him: Oscar Banks. I think he’ll be the hardest thing to forget. I know it should be my parents who I’ll miss the most, but they never understood me. I got to know Oscar in emotional and physical ways that I couldn’t have ever dreamed of with my parents. He’s all I’ve thought about lately. I wonder what he’s doing right now back in Candor. I wonder if he misses me or thinks about me at all.

I’ve been trying to keep occupied with starting my new life on my own. I know if I think too much about Oscar, I’ll keep worrying that something bad might have happened to him and I’ll never get anything done and I’ll be living on the streets until I die. I just hope he’s alright…

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