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National Honor Society values Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Community Service. Compose an essay in which you explain why you should be inducted into your school's National Honor Society. How do you demonstrate and incorporate these values into your life?

I know that the National Honor Society is an honor to be in and I truly want to participate in it. I believe I am highly qualified and I can prove it. I give my best effort to be involved in as many activities as I can. This year, I joined the Spanish Club to make more friends, donated shoes to the Sole4Souls charity organization, and I am a new volunteer at the S.P.C.A. shelter. I am also in the orchestra and band programs at my school and I volunteer at my old middle school for the orchestra and band mentoring programs they have there. I not only demonstrate the pillar community service, but scholarship, character, and leadership as well. I value scholarship very much. I take honors classes to challenge myself and I always keep up my grades. I personally do not have a huge vocabulary so I give myself challenges everyday to improve and expand my vocabulary bank. I make sure I spend the extra time studying an assignment I don't completely understand because I want to be able to comprehend everything I do. And no matter how hard a subject gets, I never and will never give up. For example, in the beginning of my World History Class, I took a Chapter One Test and received a “C” on it. I was very shocked because that grade didn't represent the kind of student I really am. The Chapter One Test was really hard and I knew if the very first test I took was difficult for me, the future tests wouldn't get any easier. I motivated myself to study twice as hard as my other classmates not only because I wanted to get a good grade on the next upcoming test, but because I wanted to learn and understand what each chapter was about. As a result, I received an “A” on my Chapter Two Test! Character is always striving...
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