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Web enabled Road Information System (RIS) coupled with GIS features for National Highways on Golden Quadrilateral of India: Client – National Highways Authority of India, World Bank funded project Government of India has taken an ambitious plan of improvement of National Highway Network of the country. The highway network after improvement needs to be operated and maintained by developing priority programs and schedules of rehabilitation, maintenance and new construction within budget constraints. To maintain these national Highways, a large amount of data on Road Inventory, Traffic, asset Condition etc. are required to be collected, stored, maintained and retrieved on a continuous basis. Presently, no comprehensive information system is maintained by road agencies and investment & management decisions for improvement/ maintenance programs are made based on broad performance indicators such as traffic intensity and riding quality of road network. The alternative strategies of improvement are generally not evaluated based on life cycle cost analysis due to lack of availability of information and non availability of analysis tool with road agency and planning organization. This may give rise to making non optimum budget allocations especially while managing fast expanding network of national highways and addition of new expressway system. This has established a need for developing a modern road Information System coupled with intelligent features for management of National Highways. The RIS system would have the effective role in the process of planning, design, construction and maintenance activities of the department. Budgeting, allocation of funds and maintenance management could be carried out more scientifically through the proposed RIS and thus effective improvements can be achieved in the management of the corridors and environmentally sensitive areas. Considering above requirements CES-Parkman-PB JV under the aegis of the World Bank has developed a state of the art WEB enabled Road Information System (RIS) of about 5880 Kms. of Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) coupled with GIS features for National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to monitor the performance of the highways of Golden Quadrilateral “Jewel in the Crown” project in the almanac of Indian Transportation Infrastructure as a stepping stone towards building the intelligent transport system in India. The RIS would act as a decision support mechanism for monitoring manifold operational activities such as Identify & relate Asset to Highway network Event Inventory & condition monitoring

Firm’s Name: CES Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Pavement condition & Performance Analysis Strategic and Tactical Analysis of Homogeneous sections Vehicle operating cost Travel time Analysis Traffic planning and monitoring Economic performance indicators Identification & monitoring of accident black spots Revenue generation through different Toll operators Information related to Bridge and Special Structures Budgetary Resource Allocation Prioritised road maintenance program RIS Application Development - Software Engineering Perspective Full iterative SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) deployed in this project consisted of the stages as follows: System Study and Gap Analysis Generation of System Requirement Specifications Conceptual & Detail Design Documentation Construction of RDBMS & populating with data imports Iterative process of Software development (Develop – Test – Modify – Develop) at modular functionality, even at sub-assembly level System integration and alpha-testing System hosting in the web in public domain (http://www. NHAI- RIS.org) Beta testing by clients consultant Functionality and operational documentation Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) Test Scripts Screen Shots Design Documents User Manuals Training Manuals Training at four levels Training to Trainers (TTT) Line Managers

Firm’s Name: CES Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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