Nhai’s North-South and East-West Expressway

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Background of National Highways3
National Highways Development Project3
Scope of National Highways Development Project3
The North-South and East-West Corridor4
The key benefits offered by this project were as follows:-4
1.Ensured smooth and fast traffic movement4
2.Increased connectivity among4
3.Encouraged public-private partnerships for building the road network4
Cost Estimate15
Schedule Delays15
Impact of Delay15
Environment Consideration16
Green Highways: Keeping in view the concern of the environment alongwith the development of National Highways the NHAI has formulated a tree plantation strategy.  Till now more than 7.5 lakh trees and more than 8 lakh shrubs have been planted mostly through involvement of the State forest departments.16

Setting up of a Commissionerate of Road Safety and road safety fund:16
The Government has decided to set up Commissionerate on Road Safety and Traffic Management by bringing together related disciplines such as, road engineering, vehicles engineering, enforcement, statistical research and analysis, and information, education and communication.  The Government has also decided to set up a dedicated Road Safety Fund by earmarking one percent of the cess amount available under Central Road Fund (CRF) for National Highways.16

Public-Private Partnership17
Resettlement of the project affected people17
NHAI has adopted project specific resettlement and rehabilitation frameworks.  Besides providing additional assistance to the project affect families certain community development works have also been undertaken.  Some of them are resettlement of about 245 squatters in Kanpur, relocation of shopkeepers/vendors at Sherghatti in Bihar and at Bagoda in Jharkhand, resettlement of about 450 squatters from Rajkot bypass.  Resettlement of about 40 commercial squatters in Tumkur district in Karnataka and resettlement of about 140 commercial squatters in Chitradurga district in Karnataka.17

Relief works in respect of Tsunami hit areas17
Several parts of the country were heavily devastated due to sudden effects of Tsunami, which occurred in December, 2004.  The Ministry took several steps for restoration of such damages on National Highways and other roads in Andaman & Nicobar Islands as listed below:17

Sanctioning of repair works amounting to Rs. 53 crore on National Highways.17
Launching of Bailey bridge on NH-45A near Karaikal in Pondicherry at the site of damaged Arasalar Bridge17
Restoration of all other roads in Andaman & Nicobar Islands17
Sanctioning of Arasalar Bridge in km. 178/4 of NH-45A in Pondicherry at a cost of Rs. 4.70 crore17
Agreements with Pakistan for bus services:17
Agreements have been signed on December 21, 2005, with Pakistan for introduction of bus service between Amritsar – Lahore and Amritsar – Nankana Sahib. Regular bus service between Amritsar – Lahore has commenced from 24.1.2006 whereas bus services between Amritsar – Nankana Sahib has started from March 24, 2006.17

Central Road Fund18
Current Scenario21

Background of National Highways
The National Highways (NHs) comprised only two per cent of the total road network in India but carried over 40 per cent of the total traffic. Of the total length of NHs of 58,112 km about 25,000 km was under severe strain due to high volume of traffic coupled with insufficient maintenance resulting in poor riding quality. The Government, therefore, took up prioritisation of projects for up gradation of National Highways and launched the National Highways Development Project (NHDP) in October 1998. National Highways Development Project

The total length of National Highways envisaged to be upgraded under NHDP was 11,404 km* in addition to formation of Expressways for 1500 km, at an estimated cost of...

References: http://www.nhai.org
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