Nha Trang City: Paradise on the Earth.

Topics: English-language films, Nha Trang, Ocean Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: May 3, 2012
I still remember those wonderful holidays in Nha Trang City. This trip was a vacation with my family. The idea for a trip to Nha Trang was my dad’s friends said it was the best. Nha Trang is the place where I felt comfortable and relax. Nha Trang is peaceful in its own ways. The heat of the air there hit me in the face and felt like it threw me on the ground.  However, our resort was awesome; it was humongous with beach frontage.  I could listen to sound around me as seagulls talking to each other, while they landed on the beach. I hear the ocean's waves, crashing and crashing, making a steady rhythm that I hear over and over, like a song. The waves made a peaceful sound, though not too hard, but soft in my ear.  The ocean sounded like it's trying to tell me something peaceful. We got our luggage and made our way to Monkey Island, our first destination for seven nights. At the front of the gate, there was a shop selling peanuts for the monkeys. We then followed the path through the forest that was covered by large tree canopy and gigantic trees. We started throwing peanuts on the ground around us and monkeys hastily followed and ate on unaware of us. My dad put his hands in his pockets, and one monkey pounced at him with no warning. My dad flicked monkey off and we promptly walked off to escape the attack. The next day, we took a tour to around the island by boat. I could watch the light colored sail boats disappear in the distance; there was bluish pastel water in front of me that went on for miles and miles. Looking out, I saw dolphins and thought how their lives are so wonderful. There was grayish blue color shimmer in the orange yellow sky making me feel happy that I got to see them for a split moment. The sun was starting to go down giving the water an orange glowing look. The ocean had its own ways of making me feel calm and relaxed. We walked along the beach on early morning. My dad and mom were walking hand in hand next to each other. I felt the wind...
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