Nha Trang

Topics: Nha Trang, Coast, Ocean Pages: 1 (467 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Nha Trang beach
Travel around the world is the interesting and attractive finding with many people.For me,exploring a lot of beautiful sights is very wonderful.However,in all of the charming sceneries such as the forest,the mountain,the river or bay,I like the beach best.I have travelled to several beaches of our country,for instance Do Son beach,Phan Thiet beach but I feel that Nha Trang beach where I was born and grew up is the best wonderful beach with so many beautiful sceneries.A lot of the tourists are passionately fond of because of its lovely landscape when they come to Nha Trang city. The nice time to feel the beauty of the beach is the dawn.At that time,it seems that the beach is so plendid below the sunlight.Therefore,last week when I had a chance to comeback my hometown,I tried to get up early to go to the beach.That morning,the weather was so cool and fresh.I felt very comfortable and pleasant.Every small sea wave ran slowly,softly to the seacoast and formed the funny sounds.The colour of the sea water was so limpid that I could see the bottom of the sea.The blue of the sea mixed the blue of the sky created the lively and colourful picture.In the distance,the range of mountains moved up and down and formed many bizarre shapes.The red sun rose slowly behind the range of the mountains.The sunlight shone under the sea water and created streak of light like as the silk ribbon.The sea water with a lot of colour formed the mysterious beauty. In that beautiful background,the appearance of the people made the nice scenery become more excited.The people sunbathe relaxedly under the softly yellow sand.Far away,the children were playing football together.Especially,the scene I like best was the picture of the sailing boats out at sea.The sailing boats of the fishmen were spreading and moving gently in the sea water.I standed to admire the beach to such an extend that I forgot all everything around me.When the weather was hotter than the early morning,the...
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