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We hereby declare that the project work entitled “Shatayu Campaign” submitted to the Indira School of Communication, is a record of an original work done by us under the guidance of Mrs. SonaliBramhe, Faculty Member and this project work has not performed the basis for the award of any Degree or diploma, similar project if any.


I, member of team Omniscence, would hereby like to thank our Faculty Member Ms. SonaliBrahme, for her guidance and support in preparing this assignment. Also, I would like to thank my team members without whose help and contribution, this assignment would not have been completed.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Chruchill

Organ donation is a cause not unheard of, but it has yet to gain the required impetus, especially in a country like India. It is an ironic combination of increasing number of recipients (those who require the donation) and the decreasing number of donors. Cultural inhibitions, lack of knowledge and an indifferent attitude towards the cause are some of the reasons that India does not see too many cadaveric (from the dead body) donations. There people who are in dire need of organs to survive at one end, some who simply let them get buried and burned at one and those who illegally sell them to desperate recipients on the other. In the changing scenario, step in non-profit organizations like Shatayu, who want to make a difference. By raising awareness, facilitating organ donation and constructing fair channels to those who need them, organizations like Shatayu try to tackle the various issues raised against organ donation. Due to this, increasingly more people are getting aware of the procedures and structure of organ donation, hence increasing the number of donors. Also, the desperate people who would otherwise resort to organ trafficking, now have a fair and legal way of saving their lives. It would not be wrong to say that they therefore also play a role in curbing the evil of organ trafficking. This campaign that we have prepared for the organization Shatayu tries to make the use of every possible medium to encourage more and more people towards organ donation, and hence save more lives in India.


i. PapiaNath
ii. Chandni Mehta
iii. Jaya Sahu
iv. Akanksha Mishra
v. SudiptaDhar
vi. ShrutiUbgade
vii. Trupti Shukla
viii. DeepaYadav
ix. NiviBhatnagar
x. Kumar Sonal Singh
xi. Rinki Das


Sn. | Content| Page no.|
1. | Shatayu overview| 7|
2.| Campaign outline| 11|
3.| Target audience| 13|
4.| insights| 14|
5.| Big idea| 15|
6.| Print ads| 17|
7. | Television commercials| 20|
8.| Radio jingle| 24|
9.| OOH| 25|
10.| Ground activation| 27|
11.| Promotional activities| 29|
12.| Digital promotional activity| 30|
13.| Extra promotional activity| 31|
14. | Public relations| 34|
15.| conclusion| 37|
Shatayu: A Brief Look

‘Shatayu’ is a non-profit organization- a public service initiative by Govindbhai C. Patel Foundation, which is supported by Ganesh Housing Group. It was evolved with the twofold objective of increasing awareness about organ donation in India, and broadening the mindset of people towards the gift of life.

Aims & Objectives:
To build a foundation of public trust and confidence, and to instill a willingness and enthusiasm, in all Indians, to offer the Gift of Life through organ donation. To offer every Indian the opportunity and the right to receive direct education about organ donation. To educate the public and especially the medical fraternity through the mass media, public relations and direct marketing on issues relating to organ donation and transplantation. To provide participation opportunities to...
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