Next Steps and Required Documents for Employment

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Next Steps and Required Documents for Employment

Dear candidate,

Congratulations! You have passed the assessments and accepted the compensation of the job. Please proceed to your Physical Exam (PE) as indicated in the medical referral form. The results of your medical examination will be directly forwarded to HR within 2-3 working days. The results will be a basis in the company’s decision to train/hire you.

As a proactive measure, while waiting for the results of your PE, we advice you to do the following: 1. Acquire Two Pieces of your 2” x 2” picture with red background 2. Photocopy your SSS Card or E-1 form as proof of your SSS ID no. 3. Photocopy your TIN and Philhealth ID Cards

4. Photocopy your Birth Certificate (3 copies)
5. Photocopy your Transcript of Records and Diploma
6. Photocopy your PRC ID Card or Certificate (if applicable only) 7. Acquire your NBI Clearance (must submit the original upper portion) 8. Fill up the ID Application Form*
9. Fill up the Payroll Data Form*
10. Fill up the Voluntary Blood Donation Form*
11. Fill up the Medical Waiver & Requirements Conforme Forms* 12. Fill up the Employee Information Form*
13. Fill up the Updating Form*

-> For new employees
14. Fill up the Philhealth M1A Form (all 2 copies)*
15. Fill up the BIR Form No. 1902 (all 2 copies)*

-> For previously employed employees
16. Fill up the BIR Form No. 2305 (all 2 copies)* - for change in status 17. Fill up the Philhealth M2 Form (all 2 copies)* - for previously employed personnel only

-> For Sales Representatives (SR) and Cashiers)
18. Surety Bond (4 Copies)*
19. Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate (2 Copies)
20. Photocopy of Driver’s License

-> For Married Employees
21. Photocopy your marriage certificate (3 copies)
22. Photocopy your dependents’ Birth Certificate (3 copies for each)

*Note: These forms (i.e. Medical Referral Form &items 8-17) are...
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