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Final Project
IS585 Planning for Information Networks

Directions: Read through the entire Next Day Air Service case study. The case study files are available on the textbook's companion Web site or as a single file in the IS585 online course. Complete one (1) of the following network design assignments: ← Develop a backbone network design for the NDAS headquarters. Refer to the figure showing the "Facility map of the Next-Day Air Service headquarters" in the NDAS case study. Include a network diagram and estimated costs for components. [pic]

Backbone network provides a patch for the exchange of information between different LANs and is an important architectural element for building enterprise networks. Backbone networks can tie diverse networks together in the same or different buildings. Backbone network capacity is greater than the networks connected to it.

4 routers – 685.51 ea$2,742.04
3 switches – 1608 ea$4,824.00
Fiber optic cable $ 400.00
Cat 6 cable$ 250.00
Total costs around approximately$8,166.04*
* For simplicity, assume that Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber-optic cable have a fixed cost per circuit to buy and in stall, regardless of distance, of $80, $100, $250, and $400, respectively. Also assume (patch panel, face plates, rj-45 connector, metal rack) included in wire costs.

Complete two (2) of the following written communication assignments. Remember that your audience doesn't have a technical background, so be sure to define and explain any technical terms and/or concepts you use. ← Prepare a written report about LAN bottlenecks and what can be done to prevent them and improve LAN performance. Assume – report going to employees. Report format chosen - Memo

Date: March 23, 2009
To: NDAS Employees
From: B. Kennedy
Subject: LAN Bottlenecks – Preventing and Improving

A LAN bottleneck is the part of the network that is restricting data flow or the narrow point in the network that limits the number of messages that can be processed. In order to improve performance, the bottleneck must be located. Typically, bottlenecks will be in one of two places and are listed as follow.

First – is in the computers attached to the network. In this situation, the client computers do not have difficulty sending requests to the network server but the server lacks sufficient capacity to process all the requests it receives in a timely manner. If the server utilization is high, then the bottleneck is the server.

Second – is in the network circuit. In this situation the server can easily process all the client requests it receives, but the circuit lacks enough capacity to transmit all the requests to the server. If the server utilization is low, then the problem lies with the network circuit.

To locate the bottleneck the utilization of the network server during periods of poor performance must be watched. In order to prevent LAN bottlenecks, let look at some of the ways we can improve LAN performance.

LAN performance can be improved by:

Improving server performance
1)faster NOS (Network Operating System) that provides better disk caching 2)by buying more servers and spreading applications among them 3)upgrading the server’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) 4)adding memory

5)faster network interface card
6)faster disks.

Improving circuit performance
1) using faster technologies (100Base-T rather than 10Base-T) or Bigger circuit 2) segmenting the network into separate LANS.

Overall LAN performance can also be improved by
1) moving files off the network
2) shifting user’s routines
3) using disk caching on the client computers.

Performance is usually expressed in terms of throughput (total amount of user data...

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