Newtons Second Law

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ee Lab Newton’s Second Law (Investigation 2.3.1 in Nelson 11U Text p68)

The text asks you to vary the mass three times, and then the force three times and to run each trial only once. This is insufficient data to accomplish our goal, which is to validate (proof) the second law is true. You will need to vary the mass seven times, the force seven times and you will need to run the trials a few times each to acquire approximately 10 time intervals per trial. Then we will have sufficient data to complete a proper analysis.

( Title Page: with title, name, partners, performance date, due date, which must include the Theory/Abstract

( Theory/Abstract: short length, background, describe lab, provide results and provide potential applications

( Purpose: explain the point of the lab, which starts page 2, the page after the title page.

( Hypothesis: expected relationship of a with F and m described

( Materials/Apparatus: labeled diagram, materials list

( Procedure: third person, past tense, numbered steps, paragraph & sentence format

Observations & Data Analysis:
( a vs F data table, minimum of 7 rows of varied F
( a vs m data table, minimum of 7 rows of varied m
( sample calculation of F using mg which is derived using F = ma and Fg = mg
( sample calculation of mtotal
( sample calculation of F/m
( sample calculation of a using a=2t2/d which is derived using 1 to 3 of the equations of motion
( sample calculation of the %difference between a versus F/m
( a vs F/m plot which is titled, labeled and includes a best-fit line.
( use the slope and y-intercept of the a vs F/m plot to support Newton=s 2nd law formula F = ma which can be rewritten as a = 1 F/m + 0.

Error Analysis
( State a few genuine sources of error and improvements.
( Include 3 to 7 sources of error and uncertainty.
( Include 1 to 3 potential improvements.
( One paragraph each – Each source of error/uncertainty should have its own paragraph
( The paragraph should

References: ( Organized logically in the proper order using titles, sub-titles, bold and underlined ( Readable and aesthetically pleasing Performance and Correctness: ( Correctness of data measurements, units, calculations, conclusion based on data ( Calibration of balance and equipment, lab performed safely Extra Credit ( a-F plot with title, axes labels, best-fit curve ( a-m plot with title, axes labels, best-fit curve ( a vs 1/m plot with title, axes labels, best-fit line ( perform statistical correlations on a vs F and a vs m

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