Newton's Laws of Motion and Force

Topics: Newton's laws of motion, Classical mechanics, Mass Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: September 15, 2013
DIRECTION: Choose the letter of the BEST answer
____ 1. The attractive force, between the earth and a body.
A) force B) distance C) mass D) weight ____2. The acceleration of a body when it falls freely at the surface of the earth (about 9.8 meter/sec2) or (32 ft/sec2) is due to: A) acceleration B) acceleration due to gravityC) average speed D) distance ____ 3. An airplane is observed to travel a distance of 300 miles in two hours without changing its rate of speed. What is its speed? A) 200 mi/hr B) 175 mi/hr C) 150 mi/hr D) 195 mi/hr ____ 4. If you drive your car at a steady speed covering 100 miles in 1.5 hours, what was your speed? A) 46.2 mi/hrB) 57.9 mi/hrC) 66.7 mi/hr D) 49.7 mi/hr ____ 5. A mosquito flying at an incredible 10 meter/sec becomes blind and collides against a wall (zero speed) in a matter of 1/2 sec. What is the deceleration of the mosquito during this tragic period of time? A) 11 meter/sec2B) 15 meter/secC) 20 meter/sec2 D) 17 meter/sec2 ____6. What is the acceleration of a bird which is observed to change constantly its speed by 5 ft/sec every 4 seconds of time: A) 1.25 ft/sec2B) 2.25 ft/sec2C) 1.025 ft/sec2 D) 5.10 ft/sec2 ____7. What acceleration do you expect to impart to a block of mass 2.5 slugs resting on a frictionless plane if you push it with a force of 20 lb.? A) 8 ft/sec2B) 5 ft/sec C) 9 ft/sec2 D) 11 ft/sec2 ____ 8. A 50 kilogram mass ball-bearing moves through a mark on the floor with an acceleration of 4 m/sec2. What was the force (in Newton's) acting on the ball-bearing at that point? A) 150 Newton'sB) 200 Newton'sC) 175 Newton's D) 196 Newton's _____9. If a bird had a mass of .78 kg and a velocity of 2.2 meters per sec. and a mosquito...
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