Newton's Cradles

Topics: General relativity, Fundamental physics concepts, Mass Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: October 23, 2013

Newton’s Cradle Essay- Mythbusters
Energy is transferred between each ball in the mini Newton’s Cradle which enables it to continue movie. When one of the small metal balls is lifted both back and upwards, gravity acts upon it. Gravity forces the ball to fall back down and hit the other balls. Since the ball in unable to move due to the other balls behind it, the energy transfer from one ball to the next until finally reaching the last one causing it to fly up into the air. The mini Newton’s Cradle worked well because the force of gravity was enough to keep each ball moving for an extended amount of time. The large Newton’s Cradle in the video did not work as well. The large balls could swing into the next ball, but the momentum could not be kept up through an extended period of time. The large Newton’s Cradle created by the Mythbusters team did not last long comparatively to the common small scale model. After two transfers of energy or the balls hit one another twice, they stopped moving. The significance between the small model and the large one can be explained. The force of gravity always stay the same, it never changes. Gravitational force is at a constant 9.8m/s. This means the force on the balls in each of the Newton’s Cradles will be the same. More energy is needed to move larger massed objects. Therefore, the amount of force necessary to keep the small Newton’s Cradle moving will be much less than the necessary amount to keep a larger Newton’s Cradle model moving for an extended amount of time.
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